Find answers in our

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know before, during and after your adventure.

Find answers in our

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know before, during and after your adventure.

Before your trip:

How do I book?

Give us a call or send an email to request a date. A credit card deposit given by phone is required for booking. You can review all the details of our Booking Policy here.

How many passengers can you accommodate?

Haida Gold can carry a maximum of seven passengers on scenic cruises in order to stay in compliance with regulations. The maximum number of passengers for fishing is five, however if you have children under ten years old we may be able to accommodate more than five. The Jedediah Island adventure and Fireworks Cruise are limited to six passengers. If you have questions about the size of your party, please call us to discuss.

Can I book one seat on a charter?

Sorry, we do not offer individual seats on charters with other people. All of our charters are private group bookings.

Can children come on fishing charters?

Absolutely! We encourage all ages and experience levels to participate in the fun and excitement of sportfishing. Our Captain is a very good teacher.

Do you have lifejackets for children?

Yes! We have lifejackets in all sizes from 9kg (20lbs) and up.

Do all members of our group need a fishing licence?

Anyone on board who wishes to participate in fishing must have a tidal waters fishing licence, including children (licences are free for children under 16years old but are still required). If you want to keep your salmon catch you will need to have a Salmon Conservation Stamp as well. Visit Fisheries and Oceans Canada to purchase your licence online. You can also purchase a licence in person at Cabela’s in Nanaimo.

Regulations dictate that you must record your catch on your licence in real time. For this reason it is best to bring a printed copy of your licence with you, or alternatively be prepared to access your DFO licence account on your smartphone.

If you are purchasing a one day licence, we recommend waiting until the day before your charter in case of cancellation due to weather. Licences are non-refundable and the date of a one day licence cannot be changed.

What is included in a fishing charter?

We provide premium fishing gear, all tackle & bait needed for the day. Your catch will be cleaned, fileted & bagged. You may request to drop crab traps on any fishing charter, and prawn traps are an option on full day charters in certain months of the year.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

We require notification in writing. You can review our complete Cancellation & Refund Policy here.

Do you offer a whale watching tour?

We are not able to offer a specific whale watching package because in this area we do not have resident whale pods that stay in one general location. The whales that we see off the coast of this part of Vancouver Island are transient whales that are moving through. So, while sighting whales is always a possibility on any of our charters, we cannot make any guarantees!

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, we love animals but do not permit pets on board the vessel.

What is your smoking policy?

There is no smoking or vaping of any kind permitted aboard the vessel or on the marina docks.

Is there a washroom on the boat?

Yes! We have a fully enclosed private washroom on board with a full size marine toilet and sink.

Day of your trip:

What time should we arrive & where do we meet?

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking to allow time to board and do a safety briefing before departure. The Captain will meet you in the courtyard area in front of the marina office, Fairwinds Marina at Schooner Cove, 3521 Dolphin Drive, Nanoose Bay, BC.

Is there parking at the marina?

Park in the marina lot if space allows. Alternatively, you may park in the underground parking below the Westerly condo building. There is overflow parking in the gravel lot past the marina adjacent to the Westerly. Parking is free.

There are handicapped parking stalls in the lower parking lot near the boat ramp.

What if the weather is bad on the day of our charter?

Welcome to the wet west coast! Rain is part of the package here on the Island. Charters will proceed as planned unless the Captain decides that it’s not safe out on the water. You can review our Cancellation & Refund Policy here.

What should I wear?

Dress in layers as it can be chilly on the water, and it will be colder in the early morning and after sunset. If you plan to fish, wear items that you don’t mind getting fishy! For the Jedediah Island and Thormanby Island adventures, wear or bring shoes that can get wet. Bring a rain jacket if the weather calls for it.

What should I bring?

Your packed bag will vary depending on the adventure you choose & the weather. Some items to consider: sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water shoes/sandals, rain jacket, swim suit, towel, bug spray, snacks, a refillable water bottle (we have filtered water on the boat), camera, medications/Epipen if required, money/credit card for the Secret Cove adventure.

What about food & beverages?

We encourage customers to bring a picnic or whatever snacks and drinks they desire for the day. The galley is stocked with dishes, cutlery, napkins…everything you need to enjoy your picnic on board. If you plan to eat onshore then please bring your own supplies.

In an effort to reduce single use plastic, we do not offer bottled water on board. We have a water filtration system so you can bring a reusable water bottle to fill, or use one of our cups on board. We provide ice if requested.

Can I bring alcohol?

Alcohol is permitted on board as long as it is consumed in moderation. Drunken, disorderly conduct may result in the Captain cutting your charter short without refund.

What shouldn’t I bring?

If possible, try not to bring any glass bottles or breakable dishes on board. Obviously wine bottles are glass so that’s permitted (we wouldn’t make you drink boxed wine!) No pets are permitted. There is no smoking or vaping of any kind permitted aboard the vessel or on the docks.

What about seasickness?

Windy conditions and waves are expected in our waters. If you are prone to motion sickness it is recommended that you take a remedy the night before and the morning prior to your charter. Motion sickness remedies do not work once you are feeling ill, so always plan ahead. Eat a light, non-greasy breakfast. Stay above deck near the back of the boat where you can get fresh air and keep an eye on the horizon. Absolutely do not go below deck if you’re feeling sick.

What if I’ve booked a shore excursion and it raining?

Thormanby Island is the only adventure that is unsuitable for wet conditions.
If it is raining, the Captain can make adjustments to your itinerary to keep you comfortable and ensure you still have an enjoyable day. You may choose to reschedule your beach day if desired and as our schedule allows.

We are having so much fun! Can we stay out longer?

Check with Captain Mike to see if this is possible. We will happily accommodate your request as long as we don’t need to be back for another booking. Additional hours are charged at $175/hour.

Will my cell phone work?

Yes, cell coverage is quite good in most locations we visit. Parts of Jedediah Island may have limited service.

After your trip:

May we keep our catch?

Absolutely! It is your choice to retain your catch for personal consumption, as long as it meets the requirements for size and daily limits (limits vary per species and time of year). You must have a Salmon Conservation Stamp added to your fishing licence to keep your salmon catch. If you plan to keep your catch, please bring a cooler with ice (leave in your vehicle).

Please be advised that there is a DFO non-retention order in place for Chinook salmon April 1st through July 14th. During this time Chinook salmon fishing is catch & release only.

Will you clean our catch?

Yes! Captain Mike will clean and bag your fish. He will even filet it for you if you ask nice.

Can we have our fish processed and shipped home?

Great idea! We suggest St. Jean’s Cannery which has a drop off location in Nanaimo. They can vacu-seal and freeze fillets or steaks, or you can have it smoked, candied, or made into lox, and they will ship it to you. You can also have it canned. They require 10lbs minimum for processing.

Do you have souvenirs we can take home from our trip?

We have a selection of original Haida artwork by Captain Mike Bellis. These items are cash only, purchased on board.

Can we tag you on Social Media?

Yes please! We love to see photos of our guests out enjoying the ocean. We are Haida Gold Ocean Adventures on Facebook and @HaidaGold on Instagram. Use hashtag #HaidaGold so we are sure to see your posts.

Can we leave you a review online?

We very much appreciate your feedback! Please visit us at TripAdvisor to leave a review. You can rate us and/or leave a review on Google. Or you can rate us and leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Ready to go?


If you have questions, particular circumstances, or a special request, please give us a call to discuss. We will do everything possible to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Ready to go?


If you have questions, particular circumstances, or a special request, please give us a call to discuss. We will do everything possible to provide you with an unforgettable experience.



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Nanoose Bay is a rural community of 5,000 residents, located between the cities of Nanaimo and Parksville. Fairwinds Marina is located at
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Driving from Parksville: 13kms from Resort Drive ~14 minutes south

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